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Heart of the Home

Have you heard the saying "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"? I've heard it before but didn't give it a lot of thought until my husband mentioned something similar. My husband talked about it differently. About me, the Mom, being the heart of the home. Being a leader of the attitude of the home. I hold a special place of influence when it comes to my home's flavor of interactions. Why was my husband speaking this to me? Because I'd let other's negative opinions effect my outlook and, as a result, my mood. Instead of leading my family in gentleness and with love I was harsh, irritable, and impatient. Because of my special role as "heart of the home" my whole family was effected as I put a negative attitude forward. My kids felt pressured, frustrated, and worried. My husband was tense because I was unhappy. Our hearts are intertwined as a family and the Mom, typically, leads that heart. She is of great influence in the way

A Part of Me

I think we all agree that the connection between a mother and her child is a pretty special thing. It often seems an amazing and indescribable bond. We can see our traits in our biological children, whether they are physical or behavioral, and know without a doubt that they carry our DNA. But did you know that you also carry your child’s DNA??? Today I was listening to a podcast while washing the dishes (my normal routine) and I heard something so fascinating. Do you know that you carry cells of your biological child inside of you? Even if it has been decades since you were pregnant!!! I’m not kidding. Scientists have found that a mother has the cells of her child inside her body. Not the original cells that passed into her bloodstream during pregnancy, of course, but they have found that those original cells have birthed new cells and continue in the mother’s system for decades. It’s kind of crazy to think that, right now, I have cells from each one of my ch

The POWER of Play

A few nights ago my family and I were all hanging out in the backyard. I was helping my oldest finish up her school for the day. My middle child, the baby, and my husband were all up on the trampoline. The baby going from sitting down to crawling after Dad, while Dad repeated "Don't bounce him too much!" to our daughter. My oldest finished her school and begged to play. I took the baby off the trampoline so they could really jump. I stood back and enjoyed the joyful, and sometimes rough play of my husband and daughters. It was sweet! But they wanted ME to jump too... I haven't tested out my bladder... umm pee muscles on the trampoline since the birth of our son, so I was a little reluctant. I decided to give it a try. Baby got to play in the grass for a little while. I got up on the trampoline, half terrified that I'd injure my back up there (it has happened before), and we bounced!! Bounced and ran and giggled and were goofy. Dad soon exited the trampoline

Confessions of a (Former) Perfectionist

I’ve never been a completely neat person, but I have always liked everything to have its place, and I get joy out of a tidy house. I’ve never expected perfection from others, but I have been guilty of having unhealthily high standards for myself. I love making lists and checking them off. I hate the feeling of letting others down more than anything else. I really, really like order. I’ve always been one to judge myself by what I can do. Can you relate? In these ways, I’m a perfectionist. In other ways, I’m pretty go with the flow. Call me up and ask if the kids and I want to go to the beach with you in 15 minutes? I’m in. The kids see a mud puddle they want to splash in? Go for it! The clothes are washable, and so are the kids. The kids want to turn my living room into a campsite for the afternoon? I’ll get the sheets for making the tent and the tissue paper for making fire flames. I guess we can see the pattern. When it comes to the kids expressing themselves

For The New Mom

Dear New Mom Part 2 Veteran moms loving encouragement for the new mom: Dear New Mom, You are amazing! You are strong. You are beautiful! You are doing a great job. You were created, purposed for this wonderful challenging job of raising a tiny human. -Joy My friend Sam and her 1 week old son Callum Dear New Mom, Motherhood is an incredible miracle and privilege. You have witnessed the miracle of life and the incredible relationship that God created to nurture it:  Motherhood.  Keeping in mind that the relationship between you and your baby is both unique – and universal – will help give you confidence that your instincts can be trusted.  That your love and presence are really what your baby needs right now.  That God is near – and that He will equip and use you to help shape this child.  You are not alone!  “He tends His flock like a shepherd.  He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young .”  Isaiah 40:11 Go

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