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I think we all agree that the connection between a mother and her child is a pretty special thing. It often seems an amazing and indescribable bond. We can see our traits in our biological children, whether they are physical or behavioral, and know without a doubt that they carry our DNA. But did you know that you also carry your child’s DNA???

Today I was listening to a podcast while washing the dishes (my normal routine) and I heard something so fascinating. Do you know that you carry cells of your biological child inside of you? Even if it has been decades since you were pregnant!!!

I’m not kidding. Scientists have found that a mother has the cells of her child inside her body. Not the original cells that passed into her bloodstream during pregnancy, of course, but they have found that those original cells have birthed new cells and continue in the mother’s system for decades.

It’s kind of crazy to think that, right now, I have cells from each one of my children throughout my body. But at the same time, it’s really awesome!!! Scientists aren’t exactly sure why the cells from the baby pass to the mother, but they think that there could be many different purposes.

“These mesenchymal cells [the cells from the baby] could play a role in regeneration or healing of the mother's tissues, the researchers speculate. For instance, these fetal cells have been found integrated into lung tissue, and researchers have seen them come to the rescue when maternal heart tissue is injured. They've also shown up at the site of tumors.” https://www.livescience.com/20781-pregnancy-fetal-cells.html

Isn’t that amazing? Your child can help heal your broken heart! I think we all knew that emotionally, but it’s crazy that they can do it physically as well! My mind is just blown.

A few days ago, I passed the nine year anniversary of my first miscarriage. In January, I passed the six year anniversary of my second miscarriage. I always have believed that I will meet these precious babies again in the afterlife, and I always knew that they were a part of me, but I never realized that they were actually physically a part of me. And even though they are no longer on this earth, their little cells could be helping my body heal from injuries. I think that is pretty special!

We named our first miscarried baby Lilly Ann after Luke 12:27, and our second baby Gary Lee after my husband's deceased father. 

That means that every aborted fetus also leaves his or her cells behind in the mother’s body.

It also makes me think about how pregnancy can positively affect a woman’s health. I think that so many people can focus on the negatives of pregnancy (bad timing, morning sickness, stretch marks, varicose veins, ect) and not consider the fact that pregnancy is a very natural and healthy thing for a woman’s body, and that women were designed to carry children. But that subject is probably another blog post of its own.

I just wanted to share this amazing discovery with you. Not only are you a part of your children, but they are also a part of you. What a special bond! 

To find out more about the scientific research on this subject, visit these sites:



The second link contributes the amazing ability of the baby’s cells to reach the mother’s body to evolution. I say it was planned by an amazing God who knew what He was doing when He created this system.

Blessings to you and your family,

P.S. I hope you find this interesting, and if you find any more information on the subject, please pass it on in the comments!


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