Daily Encouragement Day #1

Good morning Mamas!

I woke up this morning, my seven-month-old cuddled up, sweating, at my side. The blankets warm and our body heat even warmer. I woke him up, fed him. Asked my sweet nine-year-old to "babysit" (to which she did gladly) and I grabbed some coffee, downed a glass of water, and crawled back to bed and my Bible to start the day. 

I prayed, I cried, I read John 20 about the disciples finding the empty tomb. I heard the baby crying, across the house I dashed, opened the door to his room to see him squawking at his sister over a diaper change, no real trouble. Back to my room, back to my Bible, a lot more distracted now, so it goes... 

I call my husband, say good morning, check in with him. Go get the baby, thank my daughter, and say good morning to my eldest who was at the table making paper envelopes and notes. Feed the baby, girls get food, eventually I get breakfast, put dishes away. 

Good morning. :) How was yours today? I feel like as a Mama, no matter how well or not well the morning goes it's a challenge. A hundred moving parts, a rush up here and there, up and down, get this done, forget to get that done. It's the way it goes.

So let me encourage your heart Mama. YOUR DOING A GREAT JOB!!! No matter what your morning looked like, how many kids you have, if you yelled or not, if you were in a world of chaos or a fairly peaceful morning. You are making a difference. You are working so hard. You are doing a GREAT job! How often we forget it. How often we look at what we didn't do. You are loving on your baby (or babies), they are fed, they are loved. You are a Mom, a hero of the littles you care for, never forget that. So remember that Mama, as you go through your day, your week, the years, and the moments. 



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