For The New Mom

Dear New Mom
Part 2

Veteran moms loving encouragement for the new mom:

Dear New Mom,
You are amazing! You are strong. You are beautiful! You are doing a great job. You were created, purposed for this wonderful challenging job of raising a tiny human. -Joy
My friend Sam and her 1 week old son Callum

Dear New Mom,
Motherhood is an incredible miracle and privilege.You have witnessed the miracle of life and the incredible relationship that God created to nurture it:  Motherhood.  Keeping in mind that the relationship between you and your baby is both unique – and universal – will help give you confidence that your instincts can be trusted.  That your love and presence are really what your baby needs right now.  That God is near – and that He will equip and use you to help shape this child.  You are not alone!  “He tends His flock like a shepherd.  He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart; He gently leads those that have young.”  Isaiah 40:11 God’s heart is for you and He is with you each moment.  May you experience great blessing, overflowing love, and deep encouragement on the journey ahead.
-Kathy Y.

Dear New Mom,
I don’t trust God with my children, I realize He has entrusted me with His children. Whenever I start feeling like it’s my responsibility to make sure my kid is breathing, I realize every breath is from God. That it’s His domain, I’m just here to do my part. This is ultimately God’s person that He made and I have been entrusted with him. 
-Emily M.

Dear New Mom,
I remember lying in my hospital bed the day after I had given birth to my son. My mind was filled with anxious thoughts! We had a plan! My husband would finish school, get a good job, and then we would start a family... in 5 years. That was the plan, but today was just over a year since we’d been married! I had such a huge, all consuming love for my husband, but what now? What kind of changes were in store? Would this baby change the love that I had for my husband? Would I love him as much? Would our relationship change? It seemed inevitable! Just then our pastor, Roy, walked into my room, and talked of the exact thing that was on my heart! "Carol”, he said, “do you know what I have seen that many first time moms worry about? They are worried that somehow now their love will be divided between this new little one and their husband."  I remember thinking, "this is just plain weird!" Then he said, "I can assure you Carol, love never divides, it always multiplies!" Now as I look back over the last 47 years, I can confidently encourage you new mom that it is true: Love never divides, it always multiplies!
-Carol V.

My friend Amanda's just born son Ezekiel 

Dear New Mom,
I encourage you to get connected. Find other moms who will encourage you. Who will be there for you when you need help. Find a mentor who will love on you and pray for you. 
-Katey G.

Dear New Mom,
First, I encourage you to find someone you can tell the mundane to. It often helps me process life in general when I’m able to tell someone the "boring" details of my day - whether that be a gross poopy diaper, a blog post I’ve read, what baby ate, what I ate...whatever! Find someone to share your changing life to.
Second, I want you to know this too shall pass! If a baby isn't sleeping well, is cutting teeth, is nursing all the time or on a nursing strike, if a toddler is refusing naps and cranky all the time...this too shall pass!
Third, Try not to say or think, "Well, he/she SHOULD be..." about your child. Deal with your baby where they are at. Don't compare them to what you think everybody else's baby is doing.
-Mandy C.

You are loved! You are special! You have got this Mama!

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