Heart of the Home

Have you heard the saying "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy"? I've heard it before but didn't give it a lot of thought until my husband mentioned something similar. My husband talked about it differently. About me, the Mom, being the heart of the home. Being a leader of the attitude of the home. I hold a special place of influence when it comes to my home's flavor of interactions.

Why was my husband speaking this to me? Because I'd let other's negative opinions effect my outlook and, as a result, my mood. Instead of leading my family in gentleness and with love I was harsh, irritable, and impatient. Because of my special role as "heart of the home" my whole family was effected as I put a negative attitude forward. My kids felt pressured, frustrated, and worried. My husband was tense because I was unhappy.

Our hearts are intertwined as a family and the Mom, typically, leads that heart. She is of great influence in the way that the interactions of the home go, of the environment of the home. Sometimes that can feel like a burden. If I'm unhappy does that mean everyone else is going to be too? No, it doesn't. Each individual is still responsible for the way they manage themselves. However my influence matters. My leadership matters. I get to effect the level of emotional safety felt by my kids and spouse. What level of love and graciousness is shown in my home. Us, as Moms, primarily lead that, the heart of the home.

Think about how you lead your home in love. Think what an honored place you have to hold as the heart of the home. Your doing such an important job!

In the heart of a redwood tree


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