Hot Mess?

Hey Mamas,

Anyone else feel like a hot mess some times? I feel like I'm getting more and more comfortable with the crazy that is the life of a Mom (most of the time) and then I have moments of complete revolt from the chaos that is my life. I LOVE my life, I feel like the luckiest women alive! I adore my husband and have so much joy in our marriage. I admire my kids to no end and take so much pride in watching them grow. I love being home with my kiddos and getting to be their for all the ups and downs of their day. I love homeschooling my daughters. I love to teach. I love to learn!

...But I also love structure, neatness, and routine. I love things going according to plan. I like predictability. I enjoy feeling put together and calm as I walk out the door (that never happens anymore). I like to make goals and then see them through. I like all these things! Instead "hot mess", "frazzled", "stressed", oh, and always, "TIRED!" can describe me these days. 

So how can we come to terms with life as our "new normal" seems to change constantly; as our kids transform before our eyes and the challenges change along with them? How do I walk in peace in a place of no predictability? A place where every day it's a toss up between things going "according to plan" or feeling like "my whole day is ruined".

I am very happy my life is full of adventure. The chaos, the crazy, the unpredictability makes each day a new challenge to take on. I'm so incredibly grateful for the change I see in my kids as they grow and learn. I'm so happy that I am the one who gets to find new plans and ways to help them develop and mature. I am grateful to no end for this life, I am living my dreams come true. I have three beautiful children, I have a devoted husband, I get to teach my children every day. I have a WONDERFUL life!

No, most days don't look anything like I hoped.
Yes, I get frustrated often, especially when I hold unrealistic expectations for myself and others.
No, I don't always see the good in the daily.
Yes, I often feel like I'm spinning my wheels...

But, is it true??
NO! I'm not spinning my wheels, and neither are you. 
YES! You and I are making a difference in every little act of love we do.
NO! The days are not going to always going to "go to plan".

YES! Your doing a great job!



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