Love Spreads

Did you know that love spreads? 

Well it does! 

For me it's easy to see that brokenness, hate, and hurt spreads; through family, through media attention, and from hurt people who in turn hurt others.. The loud speaker of social media seems to proclaim every horrible tragedy and it spreads! My heart aches when I look at all the destruction and hurt that goes on in our world. 

But love spreads! 
And LOVE >Brokenness always! 

It's hard for me to believe that sometimes, as I see the deterioration of so many things in life, but love still is stronger than hate. Every. Single. Time. Love wins! Love spreads like fire, from person to person. An act of love gets passed on and it not only spread it can  multiply! Love is stronger than hate because love can overtake hate, but hate can NEVER overtake true love!

Let me show you some of the simple ways that love spread.

Have you ever been brought meals after a surgery or when you had your baby? I hadn't experienced this till about three years ago when I had surgery. A friend organized some people to bring me meals. It was humbling, sweet, and made me feel loved and supported in a big way. I'd never been loved on in that way before and I, in turn, wanted to be able to give that same gift to others. Since then I delight in getting to bring meals to other people. Love spreads. 

Have you ever been given a gift? I'm sure you have, but for something that's not a holiday or birthday? I have a sweet friend who prioritizing giving to others. I was on the receiving end of her generosity a number of times. Again, it inspired me to give more! To share love in simple meaningful ways. Love spreads.

Love spreads! It is strong and powerful. It overtakes hate, breaks down walls, and sets people free! Love changes everything!

My in-laws, I love them. They are steadfast, supportive people. They inspire me! One day, when I'm the in-law I want to love like that. I want to be the Mother-in-law that shows up for every birthday party, babysits often, and is always willing to help. Love spreads.

My neighbor who became my dear friend. She has loved on my kids, brought gifts, and just hung out to talk and listen. A true friend. I want to be a neighbor like that! A neighbor that is a true friend. Love spreads. 

Love is inspiring!

In your home, dear Mama, you are setting sparks of love aflame for a future full of impact. As you comfort and kiss, encourage and take pride in your babies, you are building them up for a life a love. A life where they will take the love you are faithfully pouring into them and they will pour it out to a multitude of others. Love spreads!

So as you care for you little ones, physically, emotionally, and
spiritually. As you pour yourself out to give them everything they need, look ahead to the great work you are doing. Imagine your babies loving on your grand babies. Imagine your kids loving their neighbors and friends! Imagine how this world will be changed by the little loving things you are doing today. A Band-Aid on the knee, a whispered prayer after a bad dream, holding hands as you walk down the street, and the precious "I love you, goodnight." You are pouring into your babies marvelous, impactful, joy-filled things. You are pouring love into them. Your impact is greater than you'll ever know!

"Don't grow weary of doing good, for in the right time, you will reap a reward, if you don't give up!" (Galatians 6:9) 
Carry on Mama, you are changing the world!


  1. I LOVE this! So encouraging to know that our little good choices make a difference in the world


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