Monday Rock Star!

*Deep sigh* 

Yesterday morning,
7:30am, I roll over and feed the baby back to sleep for just 20 more minutes in hopes he doesn't melt during church. I sneak out of bed and into the shower only to have the baby wake as soon as I begin to shower. My husband goes and rescues him and gets our girls up, everyone rushing to get ready on time.

Mornings... Marathon or a sprint?
We all got dressed, fed, and pretty much put together (minus the baby who still has banana on his head, lip, and pants) and out the door. Coffee, water, oatmeal, hair, shower, everything... not in that order. 

To church and back again, baby cries and fusses all the way home in the car. Yes, he needed a nap but he also hates the car. Anyone else's kid hate the car? 

10:30am Back home, put the baby down for a nap... *Sigh* he's still crying but now out of the car and in his bed.

That was
Sunday, now it's Monday and the week begins. 
I personally like Monday. It's the beginning of a new week, it's the start of the "work" week (which for me is homeschooling my daughters). The beginning of each new week feels like an opportunity, like there's a week full of possibilities ahead.

Then Monday actually comes... and I remember why I like the weekend. LOL. My husband is home to help on the weekends. I'm alone Monday morning, trying to get everything started smoothly for the week.... smoothly... never happens, but I imagine it does or will, or whatever.

Monday Rockstar... No, I don't typically jump on my bed 
and sing with my fan. This picture is purely for you guys! ;)
So Monday. Good Morning Monday. Hello Mamas. You know you all are rock stars. Every. Single. One. You are changing the world one diaper, one smile, one hug, one piece of homework at a time. You are a rock star! Let's hold on to that this week. We are making a difference. We are doing the toughest job on the planet AND doing a pretty good job of it as well. :) 

I'm praying for you all as the week begins. 
Let us grow strong in the struggle. 
Let us show love in the craziness.
Let us go into this week remembering motherhood is a great and meaningful adventure!


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