My Passion from Pain

Wow... I can't tell you how intimidating it is to write this particular blog post. Like all my guts are going to be smooshed out onto the page and I'll be left a gooey, yucky, exposed mess...

Why a blog? Why this blog? Why the passion to encourage Mamas in the trenches of motherhood? Why? Where does my passion come from? Why do I have this heart to say every day to you all "YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!"... because I personally KNOW the difference you are making...

The only way someone can truly know the difference of something so foundational, so crucial, so impactful... is if they didn't have it. That contrast, my personal experience, is how I KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt, the HUGE impact you are making as a Mom... You are a Mom who shows up in the little and big things, in the daily. That is huge!

This is the point where my heart sticks in my chest and my throat gets tight, were tears prick at my eyes and my nose begins to tickle. I KNOW you are making a difference because when I was 9 years old my mom got sick and she left. She left for two years, then she came back, but it was never the same again. I KNOW your making a difference because I know the damage my heart held from not having a Mom there to hug, to talk to, to get help from for my homework, or to make me a meal. I KNOW the impact that made on my heart and life.
I also know because out of my heartbreak and loss Jesus used that to bring me to my babies (the ones that grew in my heart). God gave me the heart of adoption, and when I met my girls, they didn't have a healthy Mama, they didn't have the security they needed, and I KNEW what that felt like. So, through a series of miracles, I became the Mom to my precious girls. I will never forget that day, I will never forget that incredible excitement and joy and I will never forget how my whole world changed!

I KNOW you are making a difference because I have seen, first hand, the results of when a Mama isn't there in the daily. I've experienced it myself as well as the results of what my daughters went through. I've seen the impact a Mom makes EVERY SINGLE DAY. So I will never quit saying to any and every Mom, "YOU ARE MAKING A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!" You don't have to understand the depth and width of that truth but it is a 100% true! I know it to be true! So that is why I'm here, in the daily, to tell you to keep going, that your doing great, it doesn't have to be perfect, and you are making a world of difference! I promise you that.



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