It’s kind of golden.

You never really appreciate it until it comes to you unexpectedly. 

This afternoon I dropped my girls at youth group and the boys fell asleep on the way, so I drove down to the mouth of the river and just watched the water. The river pushing itself into the ocean and the ocean pushing back. The same dance that they have done for thousands of years. Both so mighty and dangerous, and yet it’s so calming to watch. Especially when the sound of sleepy breathing is coming from the backseat and heavy raindrops are falling on the roof of your car. 

During this time there was no one demanding my attention, needing my help, or arguing with me. I could think my own thoughts and hear my own breathing.

I think we all need moments like that.

For years my husband and I worked opposite shifts. It was hard to get time to myself back then. Most of the time, if I wasn’t taking care of the kids, I was working. On the evenings that I didn’t work I used to escape to the bathtub as soon as dinner was over and lay so my ears were under the water. All I could hear from there was the rhythm of the dryer and the beating of my heart. It didn’t last long. Eventually some little person needed to use the toilet or to chat with mama or to nurse. But it was something. 

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the hustle and bustle of my house. I’m not usually bothered by the sounds of the kids playing or conversing with each other. I truly am enjoying this season. But I know we mamas also need down time. 

So I’m encouraging you to find that time for yourself, and to savor it. Even if it’s only five minutes in the shower. Or five minutes quietly parked in the driveway because the kids fell asleep on the way home. Don’t think about the housework you need to do or what in the world you are going to cook for dinner or how you are going to pay that bill…

Just be still. And breathe. 

You are worth taking the time for!



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