Simple Joys

Good morning all you Mamas!

I went for a walk the other day...

So, for my mental health and my sanity I try to get outside for a walk once a day. I'm a stay-at-home Mom who also homeschools, so getting outside adds a lot of joy to our daily routine. Walking outside, aw, the air is so fresh and cold, we just recently had a completely unexpected snow storm. The snow from the storm still lay crunching on the ground as my daughters and I took turns pushing the baby through it. They walked in puddles, I avoided them. We held hands and talked. My second child and I got into a facinating discussion on Fight or Flight and how our bodies work and what the fight or flight is for.  

We stepped on giant balls of snow, and my daughters found a huge snow fort, complete with spray paint that they picked up and continued the "decorations" of the fort until I yelled at them to stop. We walked back, baby fussing so I carried him. Baby grabbing at my reflective glasses, laughing at himself in their lenses and then complaining loudly when I wouldn't let him eat them.

We walked and talked and adventured through the snow together. Simple joys. Daily joy. I love being outside, I love a little outdoor adventure, like hauling a stroller and a baby through the snow with my big girls. The bright white snow contrasting with the dirty muddy snow. The crunch beneath our feet sometimes turning to slush. These are special moments. 

I rush around all day and seemingly get nothing done... I'm sure you can relate. I know I'm accomplishing a lot but it doesn't seem like that... but those moments. Those walk, the patter of little feet and the delighted screech of the baby. The beauty of creation and the colors of nature. Beautiful, simple, daily joys.

What makes you smile? What fills your heart up? Are you doing it?


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