Small = BIG

Well hello again,

I don't know about you but having a baby has made my world very small. Small hands, small toes, small meals, small moments, small amounts of time between naps, small things I can accomplish in a day. It all seems small right now. My world feels small, who I talk to and care for every day, is small. It's beautiful but there is a real challenge in a day full of small things, small accomplishments and little moments. 

It can make us feel alone, isolated even. This world of small people and small things, and even smaller visible accomplishements. It's hard, it's a great sacrifice as well as a great joy. "The struggle is real," I say often. So in the sea of all these little moments, think of the bigger things you are accomplishing. Don't forget that you have been honored with this great task, this great gift of motherhood. You are the exact right person to raise and build up your babies.

So head into this day and your week, whether full of small people, or going off to work and then coming home to your little one. Whether your day feels productive or a complete disaster, remember that small is BIG, that little is IMPORTANT, and that you are building a foundation on which your littles can have the courage to take on a whole world of scary and be boldly brave. You give them that courage in these little moments. You provide for them a great leaping off point for all the big moments of their lives. You are building a lifetime of BIG in the small moments of wiping away their tears, wiping their face and noses. You are setting them up for love and laughter as you hug and cuddle and "Ooo" and "Aww" over their little gifts. You are making a whole world of difference in all these little things you do. So treasure your little people and your little moments as best as you can admist all you are facing and juggling. Take a moment to breath in the baby smell, and delight in the little hands that hug you around the middle. Smile and and laugh at the silly, crazy, and messy because you are building something great. 



  1. Love your new blog! I have missed keeping up with you!
    All my love,
    Sarah Mendoza

    1. Hi wonderful lady! I love and miss you! I'm so glad your enjoying it. I have a dear friend of mine writing Tuesday/Thursdays so you'll be getting a new blog FIVE DAYS a week (mine are Monday/Wednesday/Friday)! I'm hoping you are being encouraged. Love you! Feel free to text me <3

    2. This is your dad; Jam1e is an online name I use sometimes.
      LOVE your writing!!
      I bumped into a young woman with a tiny baby in the grocery store. She seemed a bit overwhelmed with the task of holding/watching her baby and picking out groceries at the same time. It made me think how people without kids think of a baby as being easy; I mean how hard could it be? Feed them, change them and put them to bed; all done. In reality it is a constant awareness that never leaves you so, even something as simple as shopping is now like doing two things at once.
      "It is a full time job, isn't it?" I said to her. "People without kids have no idea how hard it is."
      This was her first child, which I should have guessed by her attitude, and she admitted that she had thought it was going to be a lot easier than it is turning out to be. but they are SO PRECIOUS!!

    3. Hi Dad! :D I didn't know that was you. Lol. I'm glad your enjoying it. I've always loved to write and I have a passion for encourage moms because it is so hard (and IMPORTANT) so this is a way I get to do both! :D Feel free to hand out my blog address to any new mamas you see ;)


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