Soul Smile

What makes your soul smile? What, for you, makes you take a look around and feel overcome with gratitude?

Saturday night was rough! The baby who is teething and sick was up screaming every hour. All. Night. Long! Needless to say, by the time Sunday morning came we were exhausted! My body ached from sleeping at odd angles around the baby and we had close to no energy left for the day.

Our baby, on the other hand, seemed no worse for wear as he beamed at us with a big cheerful smile upon waking up. It was 10 am before we made it out of bed and we missed church, again... for the second week in a row to make things worse! I got up, picked up our now happy baby and went to go get our girls up.

The day turned out nothing like we'd planned, but it was a sweet day none the less. There's something special about being so exhausted all you can do is hang out home with each other. 

By the afternoon we decided to get out of the house. It was a beautiful sunny day. So we all ventured out for a bike ride. Awww. Spring! I love Spring. The earth begins to warm. The sun comes out of hiding and the whole world seems to do a little dance. The birds rejoice in song, the buds and flowers emerge, the whole world seems to come alive in brilliant color. It's invigorating to me.

Off we rode, around the neighborhood on our bikes. The night before began to melt away as I breathed in the fresh air of spring. My fatigue dissipated as I looked at the sky which was a brilliant blue. The sun was so bright and warm, and my heart just smiled. 

When I get outside and do something fun with my family, all of life suddenly feels so rich and bright! I feel deeply blessed. It's magic to me. We biked, talked, raced and passed each other. We smiled at those we passed, challenged ourselves on hills, and sweated a bunch. It was marvelous! 

What, dear Mama, is the thing that makes you take a happy sigh of gratitude? What makes you feel immensely blessed and like life is good? Snuggling your babies? Reading books on the couch early in the morning? Eating popcorn and watching a movie together on the weekend? Going to the park, having dinner together, or playing in the backyard? What makes you look at your family and be filled with joy despite what challenges you may be currently facing?  What makes your soul smile?

I encourage you to take the time to enjoy the moments. Do that much loved activity! And while you do, look around and feel deeply blessed, because you are! Keep up the good work. You are amazing!

PS- I'd love to hear what makes you feel blessed. Comment below! 


If you have been encouraged please share so other can be encouraged too. 


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