You are Loved

Happy Saturday!

I don't usually post on Saturdays, but it doesn't feel like Saturday to me because instead of "sleeping in" and pancakes my husband is working today.

The baby had a rough night, so we did too. He's sick, plus a growth spurt, plus teething. None of us slept well. I had to give him medicine and suck out his nose gunk so he could breath early this morning. Poor, sad baby was screaming. I decided I wasn't going to fall back to sleep after that, but he did. So I got up, wrote a page full of thankful things, read Ephesians 2:1-10 (beautiful!), and watched the sun rise! I never watch the sunrise! I was sitting on the couch and looked out and there through the trees (hedge really) a pink and purple streaked sky. I actually exclaimed "Ohhh!" and excitedly told my 9-year-old daughter who was up already. We "Oooed" and "Awwed" over the painted sky before I went back to reading and journaling and she went back to getting ready.
Sorry didn't get the actual picture of the sky so this sunset will have to do.

Gift: Pink and purple streaked sunrise

So I'm up and thought of you all.
I want you to know:
You are loved!
You are so special!
You are the right women for the job! ;)
You are making a difference!

I hope you have a joy-filled weekend!



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