A New Measure of Success

How do you measure you daily success?

For me it goes something like this:

1) The HAVE To's. This includes the basic needs of everyone to be dressed and fed in the day. 

2) The NEED To's. This includes homeschooling, getting out of the house, everyone being showered or bathed. Laundry, dishes, cleaning the house, reading to the kids, etc.

3) Then there's the WANT To's. Organize the shop, clean the bathroom (which I rarely do), write someone a letter, do grocery shopping before the "critical point", have a meeting with a friend, go to small group, that kind of thing.

I mentally keep these lists and I only count my day as "successful" if I accomplish something in the third category of things I want to do. Sounds a little silly, right?

I was talking to a friend about this and realized I have my picture of daily success completely screwed up! As a mom, how many things do I do daily that are important, vital things, that I don't count??  Why do I see continually providing nourishment, love, and everything my kids need as not being successful? How did I get that idea in my head that the day is only productive if I get something done from my "want list"? Just because something happens every day doesn't make it unimportant, it's the daily things that are so important!

I think I have it all wrong...

Let's count what I accomplished today:

1. Feed the baby
2. Get my daughter up
3. Spend time talking to God
4. Attempt to resolve a conflict
5. Put away and wash dishes
6. Fold and put away a load of laundry
7. Shower
8. Help my daughter start school
9. Put the baby to sleep
10. Text everyone about the new blog address ;)
11. Post blog to Facebook page

This is the point in the day that I talked to my husband and said that I'd "accomplished nothing and it was already noon"! 

12. Connect with friend over video chat
13. Feed myself!
14. Feed the baby
15. Take my kids to see the animals at a nearby attraction
16. Teach my kids more about animals
17. Try to put the baby to sleep, didn't happen
18. Write this blog.

That's what I've done today, so far. But if I were to talk to you, or my husband, or a friend I would probably say that all I did today was got out of the house, if I even counted that. All the other things I wouldn't have mentioned as doing anything at all.

Hey Mama, I know we all do this, but let's not. Let's start counting the vital, important, crucial job of caring for our little ones as it really is: A GREAT accomplishment! If the house is left a mess and take out is what's for dinner, even if you haven't accomplished anything on your "want list" but your kids are fed and loved THAT IS SUCCESS! You've accomplished so much by simply caring for the needs of your children! 

As I remind you of this, I will try to remember it myself and next time I'm about to say "I've accomplished nothing today." Let me think again and value what I've done to love on my family and take care of my children. Let me count it! I encourage you to do the same! You are making a huge impact in your children's life and that makes each and every day successful


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