A Reading Mama

Do you read to your kids?

It’s okay if you aren’t a reading mama. I’ve had phases where I don’t really want to read to my kids. At all.

Its time consuming. My hubby works ten hour shifts, so we get very little time together in the evenings most nights of the week. I seem to think that if we just skip evening readings with the kids and throw them to bed, we will get a little more time together. Selfish, I know. I’m just honestly telling you how I feel.

Another roadblock is that my husband doesn’t like to read. He is dyslexic, so it’s a lot more work for his brain. So it almost always falls on me to read to our littles. Sometimes the older kids will read to the younger ones, though that always makes me feel guilty because that means the older kids got the experience of their mama reading to them a lot more than the younger ones will.  

Its monotonous. I don’t like checking out books from the library because I am terrible at getting them back in time, and, even though we have a large variety of books, my kids (especially the younger ones) always want to hear the same books over and over again.

Do you know that there are benefits to and reasons why your child wants to hear the same story over and over again? You can read up on this at this link:

There are so many benefits to reading aloud to your child.

It helps you and your child bond.
It helps to increase your child’s vocabulary.
It helps to grow your child’s imagination.
It helps develop a love for reading.
It helps in academic growth.

These are just five reasons, and they totally trump my excuses above. No shame on you (or myself) for not wanting to do it, but I want to encourage you to do it anyway. They aren’t going to be little forever. We only have this window of influence over them for such a short time, but it is the most important window of time in their lives. It sets them up for who they are going to be the rest of their life.

So, if reading is good for them, let’s read to them! Even if we are literally falling asleep as we do it. Even if we could recite the entire book without cracking the cover (there are a few that I can actually do that). Heck, studies show that reading to them is beneficial even if they are running around the room and not looking at the book, so read YOUR book or magazine to them. The time and energy invested into them is so worth it. And you will find that it leaves precious memories in your heart, and you will miss it when they are grown.

I encourage you to read to your babies, dear mamas! Even if they aren’t into it. Even if you aren’t into it. It’s worth it!

Blessings and love,


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