I Am Discouraged

Hey dear Mama,

I'm rooting you on.
Every step of the way.
In the high and the low I know you have what it takes!
I'm here to cheer you on when your feeling discouraged...

But I am discouraged too...

I started this blog for you, to encourage you in the highs and the lows, and boy, there's a lot of them on this motherhood journey. I started this blog because it was a way to do what I'm passionate about (encouraging and connecting with you) in the current season I am with little ones. I started this to be here for you, because I believe in you. My dear friend Lee joined in to do the very same thing and it's been such an awesome blessing getting to write to you... but the highs and the lows come. The discouragement comes. I've tried so many different ways to get this blog to more Moms, to encourage more. 
Resting at the bottom of straight up hill while hiking.
 Pregnant at the time, tired, and I made it up!!
(I did have help)

I've been off of social media for nearly 4 years!
I got back on, JUST FOR YOU, just to get to reach more moms. 
I'm discouraged. Not a week after getting on social media and starting the Joy in the Journey page it was blocked, marked as "abusive" with no explanation as to why. Discouragement and frustration hit hard this week. For an instant I wanted to lay down and just give up, but just for a moment!

So what do you do?
What do I do? I pray! I vent. I get down and then I GET BACK UP! Somehow, some way, I'll keep pressing on, pushing forward even with all the hurtles keep coming my way. I will find a new way if this way doesn't work because I'm on a mission to encourage YOU dear Mom in this rough and tough and wonderful motherhood journey. It's not easy! Anything truly of value has a cost, has sacrifice attached to it. Anything really good is worth fighting for! So, I won't stop fighting for you, I won't stop encouraging you, even as I get down and discouraged, I will get up again, because I have a goal, and I won't give up.

Dear Mom, you are amazing! I know you are! In the ups and the downs, in the daily, Lee and I are here to tell you that. To share our lives and thoughts that you may take courage because motherhood can be hard, motherhood can be discouraging. The baby who slept through the night no longer will. The toddler who was potty trained starts wetting his pants. The teen who finally got the job gets fired.... The baby that I JUST put down, JUST wakes up! (currently happening). 

Discouraging. It's hard stuff. Motherhood is hard. But you've got what it takes and your not alone. Never quit, never give up. It's okay to be discouraged, to get down and out, but never quit, never give up. The day will come were your baby sleeps, or your child stops having accidents, or your teen gets a job and keeps it! It will happen. The day will come.

Get back up.

Keep going!
You'll find a way.

Much love,


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