"Instant Family" Inspiration

Aww, I just finished watching the movie Instant Family with my husband. Tears! Heart touching, gut wrenching movie. It's real, it's raw, and it takes on difficult content with humor and heart. 

I was struck the most by a scene near the middle. The foster family, the Wagners, are in turmoil with the difficulties and challenges of their foster kids. They are doubting themselves and their family. They love their foster kids but it's so hard!

They go to some fellow foster parents in need of a pep talk. They get irritated and a little angry when they find out that this couples' adopted daughter still struggles with addiction. That things don't always work out like we hope. The adopted Mom reacts big and asks "You feel lost right now? Frustrated? Confused?" they asked the Wagners. "Yes! That's exactly how we feel." was the reply.... "That's what you kid feels every single day..." That line penetrated my heart and stuck in my mind. Ever, single, day they feel like that.

I think about my own kids, my eldest two that grew in my heart. They had a story before me, they had hardships, and deep struggles, betrayal and loss... "They feel like that every single day"... Is that true?

I don't know if it is or not. What I know for certain. No matter how your kids came to you or what they have been through they need you! They need you to be committed to loving them through every up and down. We need to be certain of them and for them even when they are completely confused themselves. We need to fight for them when they won't fight for themselves, believe in them when they don't believe, and be there for them NO MATTER WHAT! Don't shy away from the mess, embrace it! We are messy, broken people with a million facets of light and beauty in every hole. 
Beauty and light through every hole

Commit to love, no matter what.
Show up and be faithful.
Take the challenge and never back down.
You are Mom and your love means everything to your kids!
Your love changes their whole world.
You provide for them what no one else can!
You matter!
What your doing for your babies, matters!


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