Life is... Poopy??

My son is nearly nine months old.
He ate a wood pellet... more than once.
He eats dirt and leaves, and rocks!
But worst of all... he eats poop! I'm so grossed out even typing that out. My baby has eaten poop... more than once! AHHH!!!

We have a sweet lop rabbit, named Nora, who lives in a cage in the living room. She and my son are friends. It's really sweet! He crawls up to her cage and she hops up to greet him. He puts his fingers through the cage and roughly grabs at her. She patiently endures his abrasive touch because she knows he's loving on her. 

My son will stand up, holding on to her cage, and whack her water bottle repeatedly, noisily, and she is as patience as ever. She's never bitten him, she's never been aggressive with him, she's only been kind... but what about the yuck?! What about the gross? What about the fact that no matter how hard I try to keep the floor clean he seems to eventually find a pebble of poop and put it in his mouth?! YUCK! Yuck! YUCK! 

So what do I do? What do you do when your kid gets ahold of something he shouldn't? Rake it out of his mouth with your finger, rinse out his mouth, and move on?

Life is messy. Kids are messy! Life with kids is gross... lots of times. Poopy diapers, pee on the floor, and it doesn't end when they get a little older, it just changes. So what do you do??

I feel like with life's literal poop, as well as life's metiphorical "poop", the answer is the same. It's a teaching moment. When your child gets into things they shouldn't, it's an opportunity to teach them, a "No, no, it's yucky!" moment. When your child is a little older and spills their milk on the floor, it's an opportunity to hand them a rag and encourage them to clean up after themselves. When your teenager get into trouble at school or with a girlfriend or boyfriend, it's an opportunity to speak into their lives! An opportunity to empower them to take on tough situations with grace and respect. 

Sometimes life is full of... well poop. 
Remember these messy/yucky moments are an opportunity to come alongside your child and teach them a better way.

You got this Mama! 
And your not alone... my kid eats gross stuff before I can prevent him to...

Lots of love!

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