On A Mission!

Does motherhood feel like a superhero job?
Does motherhood look as glamerous as you thought it would?
Does motherhood make you feel effective and productive?

I would answer "no" to all of those!

Let me tell you a little story.
When I was 19 I went on a Teen Mission Int'l team to Zambia. I road a dirt bike, traveled through the bush of Africa, sang songs, shared the Gospel, and had a ton of people back home rooting me on. It was glamorous, even though it was hard. It was a little superheroish even though I had no magical powers. It did feel effective and productive. It was great!

At age 20 I went back to Africa, this time to Malawi, with the same organization, this time for a year! I road a motorbike, taught, preached, and was a regular white "celebrity" to the people I lived among. It was tough, it was challenging, often it was lonely, so far from home, but again, the impact, the visibility of my role made me feel important and special.

Last night I dreamed I wanted to go on another mission trip. I dreamed I was debating whether to go or not, deciding whether the baby was old enough and all that... Then, in my dream, I realized, no matter where in the world I was, my main job would be caring for my children. In my dream I was dissappointed and discouraged, resigned even. Then I woke up.

I laugh at myself. I find my dreams funny, yet revealing. It's true, anywhere in the world I go I would still be primarly taking care of my kids, because they are my mission field! They are my goal. To raise them, train them, speak truth into their lives, and pour all my love out on them. That is the greatest calling in life God has given me.

So I might bemoan the lack of visiblity, or "glamor" that the traditional overseas missionary holds, but in reality, I'm incredibly honored to be in this humble place. To be given this incredible duty and challenge of raising my babies. To get to change the world in my own house and home. It may look very different than that mission field I experienced in my younger days, but the heart of it is the same. 

I'm on mission. I have an important calling and role. My position has great impact. It doesn't feel glamorous, or superhero like, and often I struggle with feeling effective and impactful, but the reality of it is, I am! You are! Our mission on this humble mission field of motherhood is life-altering, global-reaching, and world-changing.

Go change the world Mama! 

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