The Mommy MELTDOWN!!!

Ahh, the mommy meltdown...

I remember my first. I remember everything becoming so overwhelming and difficult that I melted. I ran to my room, flung myself onto the bed, grabbed a pillow and well... melted into it. Cried! I remember thinking to myself "It's okay. It's just a mommy meltdown." I was scared. I felt like I was failing, like I couldn't do this mom thing because I was having a meltdown, because everything felt so big and hard and OVERWHELMING!

I had a cry, took a little break, got back up, and continued on. 
The first days of motherhood are rough! The first months... maybe all of it. The exhaustion! Oh, the exhaustion that makes it hard to see straight, to feel straight, to do anything and feel like a whole human being. The ability to focus, I can't tell you how many times I forgot my phone and left the oven on in those early days. And the, duh, dun, duh (drum role please) the feeling of OVERWHELMED! That feeling, that awful, overpowering, paralyzing feeling of having so much to do and never being able to do it all. 

The years of motherhood are passing fast and I still have meltdowns from time to time, but they seem less frequent, or maybe they seem less significant, because I know it'll be okay. That the meltdown is a point of everything piling on top of me in a single moment and it will pass, and it will be okay, and I always get back up again and move on.

I learn from my meltdowns. 
I like to think I've learned more self-awareness, I probably have. I like to think I've got better at paying attention and taking care of myself before the meltdown occurs. But, here's the thing, no matter what, sometimes we have moments where life's struggles seems to swallow us up in that moment and we need to have a good cry.

It's okay. 
It'll be okay!
Your doing great job!
It's okay to cry.
It's okay to feel everything your feeling.
It is hard.
You are strong.

Give yourself grace.
Take care of yourself.
Laugh often.
Pray often.
You've got what it takes!


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