You Got Mommy Instincts?

Do you sometimes get worried when you leave your child?
Do you have insights into your child that others don't have?
Do you know your child better than anyone else?
Do you have awesome Mommy instincts?

Mommy instincts? What exactly are those? Special insights and built in direction for your children, an urge to guard and protect, wisdom into what your child needs. We have a very special and unique relationship with our own children. We are their primary safety and comfort. We are a source of life for 9 months and months beyond. We are everything to them!

A few months ago I took a trip only an hour away to take my eldest to a doctors appointment. My husband graciously stayed home with our younger two. Four hours later (at baby's normal feeding time), I was hit with separation anxiety! I was surprised by the intensity of it. At first I judged myself for not being able to be away from my baby... But as I question "Why am I feeling like this?" I realized it's not a flaw, it's a design! If Moms didn't get anxious when they were away from their baby (especially a young baby) that baby would never survive!

I was talking to my 94 year old Nanna (grandma) shortly after that trip. I was talking about the miracle of life! That conception happens, implantation, and, out of that, a whole miraculous human being is created! What evidence of The Creator that is to me! As I expressed my awe at that my Nanna leaned over and said "Not only that but the mother's instincts! If a Mom didn't have those she'd just walk off and leave the child. Feed you all night long? Yeah right! None of us would be here if God didn't put in our Moms that instinct to care for us." WISDOM! 
They need us to be there for them.

Isn't that SO true?!!! I often wonder and marvel at the physical miracles and design, how things have to be so perfect to function at all, but what about the invisible?! What about those instincts that are built in! Those are just as much miraculous and so valuable!

So remember Mama, that you are designed to care for your little. That you've been given extra wisdom, instincts, just for your little ones. That you especially equipped to do this special job. Let that give you confidence in how you parent! How you care for your babies. You were made for this! You are amazing!

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