A Follow Up, Success?

So, do you remember what I said about a new measure of success in Monday's blog? (Click here to see that blog). I shared how I realized I judge the productivity of my day based on my want list instead of all the ways I'm impacting my childrens lives.

Well, today, because I wrote to you, I have been encouraged (funny how it can work that way).

Right now, it's 10:38 am. I'm in my Pjs, my hair is greasy and I badly need a shower, BUT, I'm seeing this day differently than I normally would. I'm measuring my success differently today.

I fed my baby and made him smile. I sat in the backyard and wrote down my thoughts and talked to God. I held my fussy, whiney, teething baby even though I'm frustrated. I encouraged my daughter in telling her sister that her feelings were hurt. I made my kid oatmeal even after mine didn't turn out. I gave my food-covered baby a bath, mainly because he's miserable and always loves the bath. I sat on the bathroom floor with a happy bathing child while I helped my eldest with her school work. I taught my middle child how to clean her shower and was patient in sharing with her the spots she missed. I got the baby to sleep! 

I am successful! Though I wish I was showered and dressed and ready for the day. Though I would've liked to have got more done already. Though I still have things on my Want List. I'm choosing to hold those lightly for today because my baby is teething and miserable and needs me to comfort him. 

I have done a good job. I have been successful in my highest calling, my most important job, loving on my kids right where they are at today! 

So dear Mama, when your day doesn't look or feel like a success. When you wish you had accomplished more, try counting what you've already done! Trying counting the ways that you have loved the people around you. The greatest accomplishment in life is to love well.

You are loved.
You are loving your babies.
You are changing the world!


If you've been encouraged, please share!


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