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Good morning fellow Mamas,

I just wanted to sit down and have a little chat with you guys.

I started this blog because I was going through a Mommy-Life Crisis. I was going a little nuts. I was trapped at home with a newborn baby, little connection, and no good outlet. I wanted to encourage other moms as I knew I needed encouragement. 

So, one morning, I started this blog! With my very first post I felt excited and driven, purposeful. I had something to look forward to in the days of little sleep and long days. I had a goal in mind: ENCOURAGING YOU. Then came the struggle to get the blog out to you moms. 

I wasn't on social media, so I would text the blog to every mom I had in my phone contacts. I texted out blogs more than once, but still the numbers sunk back down to minuscule. It was discouraging, it was challenging, but I pressed forward.

I texted every mom in my phone contacts... and something really special started to happen. I started to connect! I got in contact with an old friend from ten years ago and started praying for her. I reconnected to my best friend who had moved across country. I started hanging out with a long time friend who I had lost touch with and she lived right down the street! And that is just to name a few.

As I became driven to reach out and encourage other Moms, I connected, and friendships and encouragement came back to me. WE ARE MADE TO DO THIS TOGETHER!!! I can't emphasize that enough. We were never meant to do this mommy thing alone. We were MEANT to love on each other, be in connection, encourage one another, and amazingly it'll encourage you more than you expect, because we are meant to do this together!

I've found so much joy in writing to you all and I will continue to do so. I would love for you to share the blog with your friends and subscribe for daily encouragements, but much more than that I want YOU to be an encourager to your mom friends! I want you to speak kindly to yourself and, in turn, to others. I want you to make a point to connect to other moms, TO LOVE ON THEM. Make that your goal to love and encourage other moms, and just see what can happen!
Text a friend and ask to hang out.

Love you guys!
Thanks for reading.
I'd love to hear from you below in the comments.



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