Baby Blessings

Oh what a multitude of baby blessings there are!
There's so much fatigue and crazy and busy in motherhood. There's so much getting through and making do... but OH, there's so many blessings.

My sons twinkling eyes as he greets me in the morning. Arms outstretched, full of joy and anticipation. His little tongue poked through smiling lips, so full of humor. The squeals of delight that come when he's excited, when he's overjoyed! The thump of his little chubby legs speeding across the floor in a crawl, following me across the house, certain he's about to miss something important.

Then there's the sad eyes when something goes wrong. He gets scared and he holds on tight. That love that swells in my chest when I see his need and get to be there to hold him. His little body snuggled close, then he's pushing back ready to get back to exploring his world again. He's gathered courage from my comfort and is back at it again.

Mischief, so much mischief and glee in my little boy. He whacks at me excitedly before looking into my eyes to see if he's earned a smile. I laugh at him and he grins back and wiggles in delight at the sound of his hand on my skin. He lowers his face to give my arm a wholehearted blow, head up to look in to my eyes, full of delight.

Then there's the bedtime, the nap times, the sweet quiet times. We snuggle, he nurses, then closes his eyes. That sweet little angel drifts off to sleep. His face peaceful, his eyelashes lightly rest on his cheeks, his perfect little lips part. I hold him and sigh and wonder how I got so blessed, to be given such a gift as this!

So many baby blessings. So much joy! 
Hold them, love them, rejoice in your tiny baby. They're small for but a moment, but they are yours forever!


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