Dear Tired Mom

Dear Tired Mom,
You really are doing a great job! I know it's hard. I know you can't think straight, see straight at times, but your doing great! You are strong. You are important! You are just the right women for the job!

Dear Tired Mom,
Don't neglect yourself. Don't stop showering. Put some effort into getting ready, I know it's tough but you'll feel better just doing a little bit for  yourself.

Dear Tired Mom,
Get support! We were NEVER meant to do this motherhood thing alone. Have a friend or family member babysit so you can get a nap, get a break, go out on a date. Ask the grandparents to help with the kid(s) and let them enjoy your baby(s) while you enjoy some time to yourself.

Dear Tired Mom,
You are great mom! Being tired, being exhausted, not being able to "do it all" only shows how much you really are doing right now. You already are doing so much for your child that everything less important can wait till they're a little older, or through their phase. The house will wait, the obligation can wait, this time is important.

Dear Tired Mom,
I know it's hard! I know your exhausted, but I'm going to repeat the advice I got in the hospital with my newborn. "It's a lot of adjustment but try to enjoy the moments, this stage is so short." And it is! Some stages are longer than other but raising your babies is a short and important season. I know it's hard but do your best to treasure the little things, enjoy the moments, take joy in loving on your little one.
Sticky candy collected greenery and now he needs a bath.

Dear Tired Mom,
You are a Rockstar! You've got this! You can do this! Take care of yourself, get the support, and Mommy on! You are so important and are making a HUGE difference!

Much Love,

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