It's Saturday, I got to sleep in.

My husband took care of the kids and they all went into town. He woke me up when they got back saying "we have a surprise for you." I sleepily hauled myself out of bed, put on my bathrobe, my hair a complete disheveled mess, and stumbled out to the living room. My husband made me close my eyes and let me to the kitchen.

"Open your eyes!" He said.
"Happy Mother's Day!" My husband and daughters said. The baby was sitting oblivious, but curious, in his high chair eating a hard-boiled egg. 

There on the table was two beautiful "Happy Mother's Day" balloons with shiny plastic covered in printed flowers. On the table a card from one daughter and a kite from the other. Makes my heart swell just thinking about it!

I sat down and they joyfully handed me their beautiful, humble gifts that they had bought with their own hard-earned chore money. I exclaimed over the kite my eldest had given and thought what fun I will have building it with her. Then I read the card from my middle child. 

"You are definitely one incredible mom, 
with an incredible heart for your family."

It read. I knew she read through the cards and picked the one she thought expressed her love the best. But then, I saw the most precious words of all! The highest compliment I could ever receive scrawled over the card in her own handwriting 

"I love you more than anything!" 

With a heart next to it and a HUGE "I <3 U!"

At that moment I felt so incredibly special and blessed! What a treasure it is to have three beautiful babies to call my own. What a gift it is to be called "Mom" and be their to hold and love and encourage them! What an honor it is to be a mother on Mother's Day.

Whether your mother's day was awesome or a bit disappointing remember the highest honor is being a Mom. The gifts are great, the chocolates or cards, but the love of your children is what really says your doing a good job. Your making a difference. You mean everything to them! Your love is changing their world every since day.

Happy Mother's Day dear Mama!!!


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