Is It True?

With my two pre-teen daughters and myself, a lot of emotions fly around my house. A lot of feelings and a lot of drama at times. We FEEL things! We get upset, hurt, angry, and sad.

My husband does too, my son does too, but it's rarely as "colorful" as with my daughters and I. ;)

I found a little "trick" that makes a tramendous difference when it comes to dealing with my feeling and the emotional upheaval of my daughters. 

Let me show you how it works.

During a time of hightened emotions whatever we are feeling seems to consume us!
"Is it true?"

"Is it true?" I ask my daughter as they say they don't feel loved when upset. They KNOW they are love and I ask "Is it true?" I ususally get a sheepish "No". Then I go on to tell them how much they are loved.

"Is it true?" I ask when my other daughter complains she's getting no attention. She adds to her statement "Well, besides you guys," and I smile and say we must be doing a good job them.

"Is it true that this phase will never end?" Of course not! That's the definition of "phase" that it's only for a time. I'll get through it, my child will get through it, it will pass. Patience and love can get me through this.

"Is it true?" When I think that I'm not strong enough for this? No, it's not. I have moments where I'm overwhelmed, but it will pass and my strength will return becaus I LOVE my family, I LOVE my kids, and I will never quit on them. So when I feel weak, I will muster up more strength.

"Is it true?" I challenge you to ask yourself and your children when things feel big and daunting. "Is it true?" I encourage you to ask yourself when everything seems terrible. "Is it true?" I ask you to ask yourself when you doubt your abilities. "No, it's not true! You can do this!"

"Emotional health is aligning
your feelings with truth."


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