She Really Surprised Me!

I just sent my daughters off too bed.

The SWEETEST thing just happened and I had to share it with you.

So we homeschool and we love reading story books as a way to learn about time periods, historical figures, and points in history. We are about to finish up World History which we've been learning about for three years now. 

The last point we are studying, for now, is World War II. Such an important thing to learn about! We've gone over the brief history of it and are now reading a historical fiction book titled The Little Riders by Margaretha Shemin.

My girls and I just went outside to finish our chapter in The Little Riders before bedtime. We all cuddled together and all got intrigued by the plot. Then we went inside and talked more about the history. We started talking about Corrie Ten Boom and the real things that happened to people during World War II.

Then it was bedtime and we held hands and prayed together. I prayed thanking God for the sunshine, doing school with my girls, dinner, and having a good day. My middle child prayed about things on her heart. 

When my oldest came to pray, I was amazed. She's very compassion but she quiet. It's hard for me to know what's on her mind and heart a lot of the time. Then she prayed, and her normal "Thank God for Mommy, Daddy, sister, and brother" changed and she prayed wholeheartedly for the people in our book. Such a loving girl! The characters are fiction and the war long over but the compassion in her heart touched mine. Then she went on to pray for the hurt and hurting people. My quiet child went on and on about all the people. Lifting them up to God and asking for them to be touched and healed.

Wow! What can I say...
Do you want to add the encouragement to this one?

Our kids are special! They are deeper and more amazing then we realize some times. They are surprising! That love and compassion in them should be nurtured and honored. What a gift it is to watch my kids grow! What an incredible blessing. I'm so glad I get to be here for all the moments.

Much love,

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