Small Victories Are Awesome

Motherhood has a lot of small in it.

My baby being in a miserable stage for most of the past two months makes things so hard. It's isolating and discouraging and the sleep depravation often lends itself to a bad attitude. It makes the small world of mothering a baby feel even smaller... and the hard things feel much harder.

But in the world of small things, there is also small victories:


That small victory feels so big and really awesome to me. All of a sudden my mood has lifted. I feel stronger, more capable of dealing with my emotions and difficult situations. I feel rested instead of exhausted. I can do more during the day because my baby is not feeling bad and is not as clingy. He's sitting on the floor playing instead of crying and clawing at my legs. 

I made it to my mom's group today. I had to leave quickly to get home to put the baby down for a nap, but I made it and it was wonderful! Getting to connect and talk to other moms is such an encouragement and joy.

I ate a healthy lunch today because I wasn't craving junk food from the exhaustion. I worked with my daughter on school after the baby went down for nap. I have a plan for dinner tonight.
Photo credit: The Recipe Critic
(I made a version of this)

All of these are small victories, but they are things to be grateful for. In my world of small little hands and feet, small little moments, there is BIG things to be thankful for. All the smiles from my kids. The sunshine, I love the sunshine. Our seedlings are sprouting nicely for planting. The day is running smoothly, so far. ;) It's wonderful to have these small victories to rejoice in.

So in all that you do Mamas, remember how much you are making a difference! What small victory do you have to rejoice about? 
I'd LOVE to hear about them in the comments below. 


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  1. I was able to enjoy small group last night because the baby slept through it and the older three willingly went with the teenagers who were babysitting and played happily the whole time, even though we ran late!

    1. YAY! :D That's awesome. Thanks for sharing. :)


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