What is Self-Care?

All my life (that I can remember) I've had periods of time where I have felt lost and empty. Times where I didn't quite know what was going on with me.

I'm older now (and hopefully more mature) but I still have these moments. Today, for instance, as I was praying, struggling to know what to say, I ended up telling God "I feel lost and a little empty." Does this ever happen to you?

Things have been rough lately!
Family stuff going on that I can't fix.
Lots of fatigue and frustration for my husband and I both when it comes to our sweet little baby who WILL. NOT. SLEEP! I know it's a phase, but boy, it still is tough!

The exhaustion, the frustration, the lack of being able to accomplsih my normal goals in a day. Feel trapped at home because I can't go anywhere when I'm waiting for him to finally nap. Feeling frustrated because what I planned to do is impossible to complete with a fussy, clingy baby. The struggle is real.

So what do I do?
Self care.
Now, I'm not going to tell you how you should take care of yourself because we are all so different and what we need is different. I'm going to tell you what I do that helps me take care of myself.
Get outside

Check in with what I'm feeling.
This one is pretty huge. If I don't know what I'm feeling then I'm unable to find a solution. If I don't find a solution then I'll keep feeling lost and upset without an answer. So what am I feeling? Currently, TIRED! Frustrated. Irritated. Worn out. Inadequate. And a little lonely. 

Evaluate what is something to change and what is something to accept. 
Serenity prayer, anyone? This is usually where I make a list of all the things I'm stressing about. I devide it into two catagories: Things that I can do something about and things I need to let go of. Usually, there's a lot I need to just let go of. I can't control the baby's phase, let go. It's okay that right now the majority of my day is comforting my baby, let go. I'm really tired, now that would be more of a "Ask my husband to watch the kids so I can get a nap." solution. 

Take care of myself.
Why as moms do we often feel guilty about this one? Why do we see it as not taking care of our family sometimes? I'm BIG on self care but I still fight those feelings of guilt. 
  • Take some time first thing (if possible) to pray and drink my coffee. This does wonders for me! It get's me focused, grounded, and is a great way to start my day. I get to pour out my heart, get some encouragement, it's wonderful.
  • Take a break in the middle of the day. Usually, this is pretty doable. My older girls take "rest time" and my baby usually sleeps. This helps me to rest and prepare for the evening. It also gives me some time to do something I want to do.
  • Get outside! As I've mentioned before this one really helps me out. The sunshine (or clouds), the fresh air, the little bit of exercise, and the beauty of nature does wonders for me.
Morning prayer and coffee

-Take some time away from your kids. For me, this one is the hardest! First, I don't like to leave my kids. Second, making all the arrangements for someone else to care for them is hard. This one doesn't happen very often but it IS good. It's good for me to have a break (I'm always extra thrilled to see my kids again). It's good for the kids because Mommy gets rejuvenated and has more energy for them. It's also good for relationship! Whether that's a friend or a spouse, taking time away from my kids to hang out is healthy.

So for you, dear Mama, remember you are important! You have a wonderful role but you are important just because you are you! You are valuable and worth taking care of! It's important to take care of yourself. You are very special!

Much love,

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