Your Worst Fear!

What's your worst fear?

I think most of us know what ours is... but we don't want to share.
I'm not talking about spider here, or heights, I'm talking about the deep fears. The "no one truly loves me" fears.

So, for me, not that I like to share either, my deepest fear is that everyone will leave me, desert me, abandon me. That I'll be left alone. When something relationally goes awry, that fear rises up in me and I can either accept the lie, or fight it with truth. Truth: I am loved just for who I am. Truth: I'm accepted by God and people. Truth: I am safe. I speak the truth and the fear dwindles.

Now, how does this have to do with parenting? Motherhood? Encouragement? We all hold some pretty deep fears when it comes to our kids. Fears about their safety or their future. Fears about who they will become, or maybe that we'll mess this whole mothering thing up! So what's the truth? If you name your fear you can speak truth into it when it creeps up to haunt you once again.

I fear I will screw up my kids.
Truth: I was called to be the Mama of my kids. I am equipped by God for this job. My kids are loved and that's what changes everything!

I fear my child will get hurt if I don't control everything.
Truth: I can't control everything! My kids are safe. If they get hurt, they can heal. I can't mother in fear or I will stunt their growth instead of encourage it.

I'm afraid my kids won't grow up to be what I hope.
Truth: They won't! They'll grow up to be uniquely and beautiful them. I'm not responsible for their futures, I'm only responsible to love them and raise them the best I can. The rest is up to God.

I think that I'm not a good enough mom...
TRUTH: You are the perfect women for the job! Your precious babies are especially entrusted to you. You are enough. You are a gift. You are a treasure to your kids, your family. You are amazing! You change their world every single day by just being you!

You are an amazing mom!
You have an amazing job!
Don't live in fear, live in love.

"Perfect love casts out all fear." 
(1st John 4:18)


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