10 Simple Ways to Spend Time with Your Child

Connecting with our kids is what we do!

We are Mom and we make a difference every day by being their for our kids, loving on them, and taking the time to connect with them.

Here is 10 Simple ways to spend time with your child:

1. Give hugs. I try to give each of my children "A Morning Hug" as we call it, first thing in the morning. This simple greeting can start the day off on a positive note for both me and my children. 

2. Be together in the morning. I've recently been having my kids pile into my room first thing in the morning while I'm still in bed as a way to hang out as we wake up. It's been a great way to connect and enjoy a quiet moment before we all have to get ready for the day.

3. Read. I love getting to curl up on the couch and read to my kids. Even if it's just a short picture book, there is something special about that time spent together.

4. Exercise together. We love taking walks, bike rides, and hikes together. Getting outside and enjoying nature and getting your blood pumping is a great way to connect. We usually end up talking, playing, or exploring as a result. I've also started doing a few squats, sit ups, and push ups each day and my girls love to join in!

5. Grocery shopping. Yep, grocery shopping. :) I like to take one child along to go grocery shopping. They get to be my helper. It gives them one-on-one time with me and it's an easy way to take some time to hang out and talk with them while getting something done.

6. Play games! I love playing games with my kids, even though it takes me a lot of effort to let go of my to-do list for a time to do that. Playing a board game or a card game is one of the simple ways we have to connect to one another, and it's always a lot of fun!

7. Be silly! I'm very silly, I think it's one of my best traits, lol. I make silly faces and use silly voices. I laugh at my own jokes and I sing really loud. I love being silly with my kids and they love being silly with me. It's something special we get to share together.

8. Do "High-Lows". This is usually done at dinner and it is simply sharing the high part of your day and the hard part of your day. Since my kids are home with me all day, we experienced the lows of the day together, so we changed High-Lows into what we call "The Favorites of the Day". Sharing our best parts of the day with each other.

9. Share a meal together. I've got really slack on my dinner making since baby arrived but I'm trying to get back at it. It's sometimes hard to prioritize dinner time together but it's such a wonderful way to be together and connect over a yummy meal.
Backyard dinners are my favorite.

10. Bedtime routine. I really love routine and I think a bedtime routine can be something special. I used to sing and pray every night. Now we just pray together and give hugs at bed time but whatever the routine is, it's a special way to connect and say "I love you," right before they go to bed.

I hope these gave you some fun, practical ideas of how to spend some enjoyable time with your children. You're doing such an amazing and important job! Whatever you do and however you connect with your kids, just know you are doing a great job and you are making a huge difference to your child.

Much love,



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