168 Hours

How did your week go?

I don't often think of this but each week starts with the same amount of time allotted us, 168 hours. We get seven days to walk through and by the end of the week, all our days, all our hours are gone, no matter how we spent them, they're gone.

This week I was in "survival" mode for most of it. It's summer and my kids are off school but it still was a "get through it week". My husband was working for the first three days of the week far from home and I was trying to manage the house and kids by myself. 

After my husband was home from his work trip we had to deal with a big bathroom leak I discovered while he was gone. It was really hot this week (in the 100s) and we were trying to get out of the house and stay cool. It was a week. Parts were great, like the Splash Pad with my kids, parts were hard, like my husband being gone. But now the week is over and all the hours are spent and gone. Did I spend them wisely? Did I make a difference? I did. I took care of my babies and what was needed, but is there a way I can add more life and joy in my 168 hours?

How are you spending your hours? Do you like what you are spending your time on? Is there something you can change to add more joy and more life into your week, into those 168 hours? If so, what is it? I'd love to hear in the comments below.

What I would like to do to add more life and joy in my week is: Take more time to play with my kids.




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