Crying Day

On Monday I had a crying day.

Do you have those? 

I don’t know if its hormones to blame. Maybe I just get too busy. Or don’t take enough time for myself. Or maybe just everyone has them every once-in-a-while. Or some seasons in our life we have them quite often. 

It’s one of those days where I feel like I am just totally incompetent. I’m frustrated with my limitations. And I’m frustrated with my frustration. I don’t feel like I can ever be good enough. I am sure that I am doing everything wrong. I don’t understand why life has to be so hard. It’s just a tough day. Crying seems to help, but when I’m crying I feel like the crying is pathetic. There are so many people who have a harder life than I do. And I know this. And I should be thankful for what I have and focus on the positive. It’s hard to do when you are having a crying day. 

I’m always urging you guys to look at the positive side of life and to look for the good, because it’s something I have to remind myself of often. 

A little plaque that my friend gave me. I have it on my window sill about the kitchen sink, since I spend a lot of time standing there.

But you know what, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have a crying day sometimes, too. Sometimes just getting it out in the form of tears on the pillow can be a good releasing of all the hard feelings that you have inside of you. Weeping and sorrow is mentioned a lot in the Bible. Jesus cried. I think we were given the gift of crying so we could express our deepest emotions (fear, sadness, joy, sorrow, love, worship, thankfulness). So we shouldn’t keep back the tears. But of course, we don’t want to dwell in the crying place forever. As with everything in life, it’s a balance.

So, if your get frustrated with yourself for having crying days, I’m right there with you. But I also think they are there for a reason, and we should give ourselves grace. If you think you need to talk to someone about it, please do! Asking for help is no sign of weakness. 

I know for sure that we mamas should give ourselves more grace than we usually do! 

God bless you, Mama,


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