Dear Anxious Mom

Dear Anxious Mom,
I think your amazing brave. The strength it takes for you to keep a play date, or make that doctor's appointment, or go to the store, is great. You are very strong and brave and I greatly admire that about you.

Dear Anxious Mom,
I find you personally impressive. I know how oppressive anxiety can be, how paralyzing it can be, so I admire your strength and determination to keep going, keep trying, and keep finding solutions.

Dear Anxious Mom,
I love how you prioritize your children. How you care for them with every ounce that you have. I know sometimes you do not feel like you have enough to give, but know your really do, because you are there loving on your babies.

Dear Anxious Mom,
Don't give up! Keep working with your body, your mind, and your doctor to manage your anxiety. I knows it's so hard but it's so worth it! Keep working with yourself and give yourself time.

Dear Anxious Mom,
Take care of yourself. Take the breaks. Ease up your schedule where possible. Don't take on more than is needed. Care for yourself. Do what rejuvenates you. Do what helps you feel calm and peaceful. Care for yourself gently, your so important.

Dear Anxious Mom,
Be kind to yourself, give grace to yourself! You are doing the best you can and you are giving it your all. Take a deep breath and remind yourself how awesome, strong, and brave you are.

Dear Anxious Mom,
You are a GREAT mom! Struggling doesn't make you any less. You can be an example to your child of how to prioritize self care, how to push through tough times, and how to endure. You get to teach them valuable life lessons about struggle and growth. You are a great mom.


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