Doing What's Best for Them is HARD

Sometimes doing what is best for your kid is hard!

We homeschool and we love it! It works great for our family and our children. It gives us time together to teach our kids a lot of life skills. It gives flexibility. It gives the joy of being there in the daily with each other. But change is hard... That rings true no matter what parenting choice you are making. Choosing what's best for your kid can be hard!

The choice to homeschool was instinctual and "easy" for me but so many steps along our homsechool journey have no been. Going from a four day co-op to being home was a hard decision. Having my daughter repeat first grade, was hard. Knowing if I was doing everything I needed to for my kids, was hard. And doing what's best for my child, is hard. My individual child, not as a group, but just them and what they need.

With my youngest daughter, we started homeschooling her before she turned five. She was bright and loved the predictability of academics. She has succeeded in every grade, until this year. She did not fail by any means, she completed everything satisfactorily but she struggled this year in several areas she hasn't before. Certain basics were slowing her down, frustrating her. I realized two months before summer that she was missing things she "should" know and I thought it had to do with her age... still I pushed forward because she didn't want anything to change... and neither did I.

I deeply care about what my children want which is why making a decision that is for their best that they don't want is hard. I went back and for but eventually, after talking about it with several people, I realized I had to stop pushing to give her what she wants and instead, do what is best for her. That's hard!

Here's the thing Mama. This is just one example. There are tons of  times I've had to make the tough call for my children. I find it very difficult but always so rewarding! We are moms. We love our babies more than life. We know our babies better than anyone... and we also know what is best for our children. Trust your instincts Mama. Be confident and brave when you know you have to make that hard call to go above your child's desire and do what they really need you to do for them. Love them in the hard decisions. Love them through the tough calls. Love them because no one else will love them like you!

Much love,



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