Flavors of Motherhood

I like to have different flavors of things.
Different flavors of ice cream, different kinds of cookies, different flavors of cake... Yes, I have a sweet tooth.

Last night I made pizza! Yum. I love pizza. Instead of making my regular pepperoni with olives and basil seasoning on top, I made three different kinds! The regular pepperoni, then a Spicy Sausage and Pepperoni, and a Mandarin Orange and Sausage pizza. Not only was it fun making all the different kinds but it was awesome to enjoy the different flavors as they burst forth in our mouths. 

My middle daughter found the spicy exciting but too hot for her sensitive taste bubs. My husband added extra red pepper flakes to his already spicy pizza. The baby ate the Mandarin Orange and Sausage pizza but skipped all the oranges and ate the rest. My eldest enjoy all of them. 

We all enjoy different flavors.
But what about in motherhood?

I feel like often we categorizing mothering and parenting in our heads as those we feel inferior to, because we'd like to be a Mom like them, those we relate best to, because they parent like we do, and those who mother very different than we do so we judge...

Here's the thing. Different "Flavors" of motherhood are just that, different. They are not better or worse than ours, just different. And with differences there is great  beauty, and flavor. Think again about the pizza, or ice cream. We all enjoy those things differently. We may like cheese pizza only, or Chocolate ice cream the least, but is really one better than the other? No, they're just different and we like things differently.
Illustration by Jon Stich

Same goes with our parenting. If we all parenting the same it would be dull and boring and we would have nothing to learn from each other. If we all just followed a single set of rules we wouldn't be meeting the needs of our kids because they are all different.

Motherhood looks very different on different Moms. Parenting looks very different in different forms. Regardless of parenting style, mothering type, or circumstances lets take the time to appreciate and honor the different flavors of motherhood. We all have things that we do a little different than each other and that's a wonderful and beautiful thing.

Mama, I want you to appreciate your personal flavor of parenting. Know that you have been given special wisdom for your own children and you were made for this job! Don't put certain moms up on a pedestal (they struggle with things like we all do) and don't condemn those who parent differently (they are just loving on their babies in a different way). Appreciate and honor the beauty and diversity of motherhood! Let's come together to cast out moms shaming! Cast out judging and comparing! We are Moms and we are AWESOME, in all our different flavors. 




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