The Sibling Bond

As a young girl when I envisioned having children, I always imagined them close in age, bonded, best friends....

Our two eldest are close in age and there is many blessings that come along with that. They are good friends (most of the time), they hit phases and changes one after another (that's a double-edged sword), and they can share friends and interest easily.

I was hoping when we had more kids, they would be somewhat close in age to our other girls... but then it just never happened. So many obstacles and physical impossibilities and years went by...

Finally, a younger sibling came and it was a joyous time. Watching my elder children with their baby brother has been priceless. Though 10 years spans between the oldest and youngest, that bond couldn't be stronger or more beautiful!

My daughters are doting and loving big sisters and it warms my heart more than I can express! They care for him dearly, play with his daily, and adore him to no end. The love in our home has been enriched and deepened as my olders have a younger one to pour out their love on. It's a rich gift!

Mama, maybe your child doesn't have a sibling but has cousins they are close to or friends. It's a special thing that our kids get to connect and love on others. It's wonderful to see them pour out love that for years and years have been poured in to them. Rejoice in these beautiful connections. 




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