Your Favorite Memory

My husband was away for work the other night. It was just me and the three kids. I was tired, I didn't feel like cooking, and I really wanted to get out of the house!

So I splurged and took the kids to Red Robin for dinner. It was fun! The baby threw all his toys on the floor, my girls colored the back of the menu, and we ate. After eating, we went back to the activities on the menu and my daughter asked one of the questions written there: "What's your favorite memory of me?"

I instantly smiled and my mind scrolled through all the wonderful memories. I picked one of our first memories. "When you were in my preschool class and I used to hold you after you woke up from nap," I said. She knew exactly what I meant. We both smiled and my heart filled with love and warmth as I recalled those sweet memories and moments we share.

"What about me?" My eldest asked.
"And you," I said, still more smiles, "My favorite memory of you was when we were at my Nana's house and I looked over at you and thought 'She's the most beautiful thing I ever saw!' and I had fallen in love with you." My heart glowed with love and my eyes started to fill with tears as I recalled these sweet memories. I was overwhelmed with what I call "Mommy emotions". My daughter's eyes beamed back the same love and emotion. 

"And you, baby," turning to my youngest, "I think it's all the times your laugh." 

It was a sweet moment, remembering those special moments with my children and feeling endlessly grateful that they are my babies and I am their Mama. What a special gift!

What are is your favorite memories of your child(ren)? I'd love to hear them in the comments below! Recall them, smile, and feel blessed, because you have the honor and privilege of getting to love your beautiful babies for a lifetime.




  1. My favorite memory was my Midwife coming over when my son was just a few weeks old and we were having a difficult time with breastfeeding and I could not sleep. She reminded me of the joy and the need of my son to be close to me. She reminded me of what I could do. I have been focusing on what I couldn't do. I needed him and he needed me. She just that was me held me encouraged me, and gave me advice. I was able to just breathe, relax, and rest. I have a new favorite moment every time my son and I are in sync... Anytime she needs to go potty and I catch it just in time, or as soon as he starts to get hungry we both just calmly get comfortable and I feed him, or when I am out and about and things go smoothly. Thank you for another fabulous post!

    1. Aww! That's beautiful and perfect. So sweet. There gift of being close with you baby! Thanks for commenting!


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