A Note on Expectations

Minimalist Family Journey

A Note on Expectations:

I'm kind of going to just share with you about our family journey to simplify as a diary type of thing, sharing as I go, when I have something to share. This, as always, is for the purpose of encouragement. If you care about something, do it! Don't just dream it, work towards it! This blog is a dream of mine, to encourage and to write. This simplifying journey is because I want to make more of a difference and I know if I keep going around and around in the cycle of Buy, get rid of, buy more, and keep following the consumerism train I will not be as impactful as I could be, as I want to be.

So tomorrow is the yard sale... I thought, I wanted to get through my whole house, minimizing all of it, or most of it before tomorrow...

Mistake #1 The expectation that this is "easy" or will take no time at all. "I don't have a lot of stuff. I work to only keep what I need," I thought. However, when I actually go through every drawer, cupboard and shelf and ask "Do I need this for my greater purpose?" and "Why do I have this?" I'm amazed at how much I truly have!

So, as I simply I need to hold real expectations. This is a journey! I'm an all-in type purpose but it's going to take time to go through my house and decide what I truly need. It's going to take effort and time. 

My other big this is KEEP things simple. That being my biggest challenge. I WANT simplicity. I want to use my time and finances to help those in need and support ministry, and make a difference for Jesus, but that doesn't just happen if I get rid of my stuff! It happens as I DON'T buy more. As I'm frugal and only buy what I need.

So, this is where I'm at:

My house is a tornato of decluttering, yard sale stuff, and mess!

I'm finished the babies room.

My daughter's room (they LOVE it more simple and neat) minus painting the closet.
And I'm half way through the kitchen... boy, the kitchen!

I had no idea I had such a randomly organized kitchen. As I go through it I realize nothing is really in a logical place... Anyway it's coming along. I'll attach a few pictures of what I've done.

Resources if you want to learn more:
Joshua Becker!!! YouTube him. He has a book. REALLY AWESOME.

Also The Minimal Mom on YouTube and theminimalmom.com



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