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My oldest is 11 and she has been in the process of puberty for nearly three years now! She's been changing gradually and slowly, but always very clearly changing.

The changes of parenting are always happening and it's hard to keep up. Puberty is no different, in fact, I think it's one of the hardest changes because my little girl, that's heart was all mine, is growing into a young women who will be independent and then gone. Though she will always have my heart and I will always have a part of hers, she will be her own person out in the world. Her own WOMAN, with her own journey and life... That's hard for me to think about...
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A special thing that my oldest and I have been doing recently is reading a book together about all the changes. This is not a puberty book, or about periods or sex or anything (we talk about those things in regular, everyday conversations). It's about character and what a women is made of. 

We are not very far into our book Beautiful Girlhood by Karen Andreola, but it's been a delight to read so far. I love getting to take that special one-on-one time with my growing daughter. These times are sweet and short and I want to treasure them even though they're often tumultuous. So we sit and we read about how she's growing and changing and the importance of the women she is becoming.

It's a very classical style book, and I do have to modify words at times so she understands the meaning of everything, but we love it. We smile and nod in agreement, and sometimes I tear up because my girl will soon be a women.

One thing we read that thoroughly stuck in my brain and I just LOVED and wanted to share with you, is this: 

Good women are needed everywhere, 
and the call for them will never grow faint.
There will always be responsible places in life
to be filled by women who are true and noble.
Their price is above rubies; their worth
is more than all the riches of this world."

Strong, kind, bold, and brave.

That is SO TRUE! Noble and true, strong and kind, bold and brave women are always needed. Women of strong character are treasures! Not only do I think we should encourage our growing daughters in always realizing their worth but I think we, as the Moms, should remember that too. Us as Moms, as spouses, as sisters, as friends, as employees, or bosses, there is ALWAYS a need for good, strong, brave, and noble women and that is us!

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