Bittersweet Mama Tears

My children's birthdays always seem to bring bittersweet emotions. I'm so proud of how they are growing and developing, yet another year has passed and my babies aren't little babies anymore...

My son is turning one this week and I'm full of emotion. I'm SO honored to have him as our son. I'm SO grateful that God created him for our family. I'm SO delighted as I see him grow, healthy and strong, and reach his first birthday as a happy little boy.

I remember the first time he held a rattle and I didn't want to admit he was growing. I remember when I first saw him hold a bottle and I had a mommy cry fest. I remember cheering over his first roll, standing, and crawling. It's such a joy to get to be here to watch my children grow.

But the bittersweet feelings are real. The sadness is real. The tears are real. Why? Why do we cry when our children grow? Why do we feel such mixed emotions over every landmark and transition? 

Because even though we are full of pride and gratitude every step has a little bit of loss and sadness that comes with it. Our children grow and change so quickly. I think it's a beautiful mercy that at each transition we get to shed a few tears for the time that has gone, hold dear the memories, and look to the future with joy and hope. 
Only a few months old, sleeping in my lap.

So dear Mama, as your children grow and change, know it's okay to cry over the loss of the little one that was, but remember to rejoice over who they are becoming. Remember to be filled with gratitude that your little one is yours to hold, love, and cherish, and that you'll remember all these precious moments and landmarks long after they've passed.

Much love,



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