Building for the Future

We own a double wide. It's a 1992. We've made improvements here and there. Fixed a hole in the floor and put down flooring in our girls' room. Painted EVERY room in the whole house! Replaced the insulation, walls, and added a feature wall in our bedroom and so on. 

Our bathrooms (and our kitchen) are fully "original" which means YELLOWED. Yellowed tub, yellowed flooring, yellowed plastic sink, you get the picture, in other words, OLD. 

Recently, we decided to do some basic improvements in our bathroom. Improvements that would replace any yellowed items on a budget. We got a discount counter top and second hand sink. We got flooring in the clearance section of Home Depo and planned to paint the tub and surround with enamel paint...

A great plan, I thought, then we found a leak!! Our shower was leaking into our walls and had created water damage and mold. As we took off a wall, then two walls, we found MORE MOLD on the high parts of the walls due to the lack of ventilation in our bathroom... Our simple upgrades quickly turned into a FULL demo and remodel project.

We quickly realized if we wanted a bathroom that would be a functional and beautiful bathroom for the future, we needed to put in the work now to build it back right. We took everything down to the studs, killed the mold, fixed the piping, and added a heavy duty ventilation fan. Then we put in new insulation, then put up the drywall, mudded, sanded, mudded, sanded, and textured the walls. Next came the painting, and we finally have a bathroom that looks someone normal again. Still very much a work in progress but looking nice.

I feel like parenting is kind of like building from the studs up! Our babies come to us fresh and new but full of personality and purpose. They are formed, their own unique person, but we, as moms, get to help build on who they are as they grow. We get to add knowledge and opportunities to grow in character. We get to teach them about the world and how to thrive in it. We get to help build them up to a better, more beautiful future. It may be a long, grueling process at times (much like our bathroom) but the end results will be beautiful and so worth every bit of effort.
Keep up the good work Mamas, building up your babies!




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