Encouragement from a Stranger :D

As Moms, we are doing a lot of tiny little jobs every single day that have a big, forever impact! We talk about this a lot here at Joy in the Journey because it's such an encouragement point to look at the greater goal when life's mundane, difficulties, and monotony gets us down. 

The fact that we are On a Mission as we raise our kids. That the love we give our kids spreads and goes further than us or them. That Motherhood MATTERS! That these little things we do are not nothing but in fact they are everything!

So today, I wanted to share another Mama Victory that gives me strength and encouragement so that you may be encouraged as well. :)

The last two weeks my daughters have had swim lessons at our local YMCA. They were learning how to swim on their back, beginning diving, and swim the length of the pool. They have had a ton of fun and met every challenge with enthusiasm and strength. 
Photo Credit: YMCA

Today was their last class and I had the privilege of getting hear directly from the teacher how they had done. The teacher told me that they were wonderful to teach, that they were very willing and respectful and "the best listeners in the class".

As soon as she said the words "best listeners" I had a little flash back to nearly five years early when I first brought them to swim lessons... I remember sitting at the observatory looking down on my kids swimming... As I watched,  my then-six-year old shook her head "no" to the teacher and refused to follow directions. I remember watching the teacher try to help my daughter follow directions and my daughter fight her... That was Day #1 of swim lessons. 

After class I remember having to give my daughter a stern talking to about following directions and listening to her teacher. I remember giving her an ultimatum of "listen to your teacher or don't go to swim class".

And here we are, years later and that SAME daughter of mine is the "best listener". Makes me grin from ear to ear! That is encouraging! These are those "small victories" that really aren't that small in reality. That is evidence of all the daily hard work is MAKING A DIFFERENCE! That what I do matters.

I feel like in motherhood those milestones, those victories, are some times hard to see, or come infrequently. I feel like there is so many more moments where I'm just trying not to be weary with doing good. Moments I'm just trying to be faithful at raising my kids even when it's hard. So having these little images of the impact, these little moments of encouragements from someone I don't even know, are WONDERFUL!

Man! I'm a MILE HIGH right now! 
Photo Credit: thelist.com

I want you to remember, it's a hard road. It's a long road. But Dear Mama! YOU ARE MAKING SUCH A DIFFERENCE! Don't give up. Keep going! Keep loving. Keep trying. Keep learning. It's going to be good! 

So much love,


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