Holiday Expectations

I hope you all had an awesome 4th of July!! :D

When I was a kid we had a fun, simple family tradition on The 4th to buy sprinkler fireworks and watch the local fireworks at night. We sometimes did something early in the day like a picnic or hot dogs over a fire but it was always simple and always fun.

As a Mom I've found it more of a struggle to find something fun (and doable) for the holidays. We've often bought fireworks but never set them off because the kids were already in bed before dark or we were watching the big ones at dark. We've watched the fireworks from different locations but I find no matter what happens my expectations never seem to meet my reality...

That ever happen to you? 

This year, was unfortunately, no different. The night before my husband and I tried to come up with a plan to do something fun and eventful for the 4th. We had a plan then our baby (who has been sleeping amazingly for some time now) woke up an hour after he went to sleep and stayed up till midnight! So our plans for the next day were shot due to the change of nap time.

So we tossed that plan and decided to head to the beach instead... Long story short there was tons of car screaming and hysterics from our tired son, we never made it, and three hours after we left returned home with no "fun event" to show for it.

My husband says I hold too high of ones.
He says my expectations are near unattainable.

I think the main thing is, my expectations are often unrealistic.
For me, at least, having young children means those fun party looking events in my head often don't happen, or happen differently. My best laid plans can turn out to not happen at all despite my best efforts. It's at those times I have to learn to let go of my expectations of myself, of my child, and of what I feel should happen and try my best to enjoy what really does happen:

We took a long drive on a beautiful sunny day.
Our daughters were kind and tried to comfort their baby brother.
We stopped at a park and watched our kids play.
We made it home without lots of screaming.

The day turned out nothing as I'd hoped... My expectations had to change, and though I was disappointed, that's okay. This time of having little ones at home is short. It is for a season and though it feels limiting at times, this is a very important time!

I hope your 4th was fun and eventful. ;)
Much love,




    Hello My name is Adan Avila Arredondo. I found your page through a comment you left. I am creating a children's book about a girl and her dog. The goal of the book is to entertain and encourage responsibility in young girls and boys. I do not have all the illustrations ready how ever I have an audio version that is completed in case you would like to listen to the entire story. I would like to know if you would be willing to review it. Thank you for your time I appreciate it.

    1. Hi Adan! I took a look at the sample of your book on your facebook page. Very cute! I love your illustrations and the voice is very nice. I love that you are working to encourage kids in responsibility.


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