Rest. What does that mean?!

As I'm writing this, it's Saturday morning at 11:10 when I'm writing you this and I haven't showered, I haven't got dressed, washed my face, or put a stitch of makeup on. I haven't cleaned, I haven't done really anything. I've fed the baby, made breakfast, and cleaned up the babies mess from breakfast. 

My oldest is at Grandmas for the day, my middle child is sick and in bed, and my baby went with daddy to look at classic cars. I lounged around and looked online for free handwriting for my middle child whose handwriting just recently took a turn for the worst. I got caught up in sending my husband way too many PDFs to print off for me when he got a chance.

My sick daughter fell asleep and I decided to go pray and read my bible before showering. I downed a glass of water while I heated up my coffee, told my daughter where I would be, and went to doctor up my coffee. 

As I lifted the coffee and that wonderful aroma drifted through my senses I thought, "Aww, this is rest. The house is quiet and I'm alone." 

I've been thinking about rest lately and what it means to me. I LOVE the definition of rest as:

"Rest is what rejuvenates you."

It doesn't have to look like a lazy Saturday morning, it could be a night out with friends, or accomplishing a goal. What rest looks like will be different bases on personality and what season of life you are in.

I've been feeling rather overwhelmed the past few days. My computer died and blogging is difficult with no working laptop. My son's first birthday coming up. My middle daughter is grounded. My husband has been struggling because his lack of free time to rejuvenate due to working on our bathroom remodel. Oh, and our bathroom remodel from the leak is STILL not done! We have a functioning toilet (YAY) but we need to get the sink in. Just stuff, just life, and I've found myself cranky and moody and crashing in the evening so exhausted that I lie on my bed while the world goes on without me for awhile.


What does that mean?!
Better yet, what does that look like for me?
What does that look like for you?
Rest is an essential part of living life to the fullest. 
You can't live fully if your just barely hanging on. You can't feel fully if you are so overwhelmed by everything that's going on.

I'm still searching for the balance between rest and activity... I think I will always will be working at that because it's a delicate balancing act. I encourage you to take a look at what rest looks like for you. What rejuvenates you? What do you need? And what are some practical ways to get some time to rest?

Much love!

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