What is Minimalism?

What is Minimalism?

A Definition

One of the biggest things about the term "Minimalism" is it means different things for different people and looks different for each minimalist.

I was talking to a relative yesterday and we got on the topic of simplying. "I couldn't live your lifestyle," she said and talked about how few clothes we had. I explained that we have at least 2 full weeks of outfits (really more than that and it's always expands) and how my wardrobe is limited right now due to breastfeeding.

But as I pondered that statement "I couldn't live your lifestyle", I thought that may be true. It's not for everyone. But I also thought of what minimalism meant to me and as I thought about that, I wished I'd explained just a little bit of the WHY minimalism. What minimalism means.

Minimalist DOESN'T have to do with what we DON'T HAVE it's about what we DO HAVE. In short I want to:

Having less so 
we can live more!

It's not about restrictions, it's about freedom. Freedom from all the stuff so that we can live more. I want to focus on my kids vs cleaning up after them all the time. I want to give my money instead of spending it all the time. I want to love on others with what I have instead of keep for myself. I want to HAVE LESS so I can LIVE MORE.


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