You are Beautiful!

So why don't we see it?

As I mentioned, my girls had swim lessons at our local YMCA this last two weeks. As we shuffled in and out of the locker rooms for our four days of swim over those two weeks I noticed a fellow Mama who also had her kids in swim. 

She had three young children! I asked how old her baby was one day while my baby tried to sidle over and say hi to hers. "9 months" she said. I noticed her again when I was up in the observatory watching my girls swim. She was at the side of the pool, sitting up against a wall, not wearing any makeup and looking kind of tired as she nursed her baby. I thought it was so sweet and beautiful. I admired her.
Photo Credit: WHIO

I heard her talk to her kids another day with such gentleness and understanding. I listened as she explained how she wanted to go swim too so they were going to "play with the toys" (daycare) for a little bit. After bring her kids to swim and feeding her baby she dropped her kids off for a few and went and took time for herself and her health by going and swimming laps.

I wish I'd said something. I was friendly. I said "hi". I helped her put her car seat up on top of the lockers because she was holding her baby. We are moms, we get to help each other... but I wish I'd said more. I wish I could convey the encouragement I had in my heart for her, for all moms, for you!

What I wish I could say to her is the same thing I wish I could say to you (and myself!) What's more I wished we understood, I wished we realized how truly beautiful and valuable we are! We WILDLY underestimate what a gift we truly are.

Just watching that strong, kind, faithful mom love on her babies and do things that she probably doesn't even count as something... I saw such beauty, such grace, such life! We can feel and look tired or beaten up emotionally, we can feel like we're just trying to make it through but that LOVE that we are giving. That CARE that we are providing for our little ones through out it all. It is BEAUTIFUL and invaluable! 

You are a beautiful Mama! Stretch marks, sag, you name it, YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL!

You are a strong Mama! Even on your tired days, your no makeup days, or pj days, you are so powerful and your impact so great! You don't know it, but you are so incredible strong EVERY SINGLE DAY!

You are a hero Mama! You are changing your babies lives by the way you tenderly love them! You are changing the world by being their for them. I can't tell you that enough. You are making such a difference! 

You are a great Mama! All the little things you do. All the hugs and kisses, tucking the kids to bed, feeding and cleaning, cuddling and holding, you are wonderful Mama and your beauty is so evident in that!

NEVER underestimate how incredibly amazing you truly are! What a world of impact you are making! Speak kindly to yourself. Build yourself up in truth. You are a world changer!!

So much love!

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