A Conviction

I've been feeling pretty convicted lately.

On the topic of rest.

Going camping two weekends ago and realizing just how much I have been working and prioritizing other things ahead of my family was convicting.

Reading Lee's blog on Just for Fun was a great reminder and encouragement. Also, a friend of mine recently shared with me about a lady who highly prioritized a day of rest like the Sabbath in the Bible and that, too, was convicting. That lady's Day of Rest included "covenant relationships": God, spouse, children and whatever was rejuvenating to her personally. I loved that! 

So, I'm trying to find rest...
Sounds funny, I know.
Find rest?

Well, I'm trying to find how do I intentionally rest? How do I balance work and rest? How do I prioritize restoration? 

Yesterday went really well, I thought. We all got up at a reasonable time. My eldest watched the baby while I painted a dresser for my bedroom. Both girls did their school work (we started homeschool back up again last month). We ran into town, said hi to my husband, and went to store. At home was rest time. I PRIORITIZED resting while I was kid free for a little bit, but as I rested my mind was racing. Thoughts and ideas running around through my brain but I, with difficulty, gave myself 30 minutes to lay down WITHOUT looking at my phone despite all I wanted to do... Then I fell asleep! 

So I rested. Right?

I got up, got the kids up, fed the baby, made my shopping list, and, as soon as my husband got home, I was off to the grocery store, ALONE. I shopped, got home, unpacked, and then made two different kinds of salsa (YUM), put the baby to sleep, and was mainly done for the night.

Today, I looked back on yesterday, and, to keep myself accountable, counted the times I took to rest. I cringed a little bit as I thought over my day. I took a nap, I hung out and watched a show with my husband in the evening, but I didn't spend ANY time quietly enjoying my children... 

I'm learning. I'm working on it. I loved what Lee said about Just for Fun. I think that's key. Finding things that are just for fun, no expectations, no tasks attached. We work too hard. Hard work is important, but when we are always working we miss out on what truly matters: relationship! I don't want to miss out on that. My kids are little only for a very little time and I want to enjoy and prioritize being with them, enjoying them.
Enjoying and exploring nature.

What do you do to rest in your day? How do you prioritize relationship over tasks? I'd love any suggestions in the comments below. Thank you!

Much love,


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